Behind the Scenes…

A year ago I took a plunge and started my own business. I permanently abandoned my tertiary degree (pfft, what $25K student debt?) and career as an interior designer to take up a new life folding paper. Yes, you read that correctly…I fold paper. Like a boss.

Origami Crane Mobile

After my three year hiatus in Japan, and armed with a swag of self taught origami skills, I was ready to take on the wedding and home decor market of Australia…and the world. For the last year I have experimented with product prototypes, worked the market circuit, poured over wedding blogs, researched marketing techniques, drowned in Pinterest DIY tutorials, donated to giveaways and tried to get my business name out there in every way possible.

The Toowoomba Telegraph Feature Article

In my first year of business, I was written about in a local newspaper, featured in a number of online blogs and was even noticed by Disney Baby. So to the unsuspecting masses, threefold has the appearance of doing exceptionally well, with very little effort. But small business is like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic…ten percent of it is seen above water, floating along gracefully…while the rest is hidden in the depths, consuming your life…

Behind the scenes…

The terms ‘weekend’, ‘holidays’, ‘9-5’ and ‘overtime’ cease to have meaning.

Popcorn is a meal. Three nights in a row.

$10 sunglasses get repaired, not replaced.


Behind the scenes…

It’s normal to go to bed at 4am. It is also normal to get up at 4am.

Your physician is Dr. World Wide Web.

You realise just how incredibly understanding and supportive your parents are. Over, and over, and over, and over again.

Mum and threefold

Behind the scenes…

You learn how to cut your own hair. Then cut it once. Because of an incident involving hot glue.

You see Margaret at the post office more often than any member of your family. She also knows more intimate details about your life than they do.

You rummage around in box bins regularly…and you’re completely ok with that.

Box kingdom

Behind the scenes…

Driving your car is sometimes a game of chicken with the petrol light.

Uni student habits such as all nighters, last minute trips to the printer and the consumption of energy drinks have made a comeback.

This…“When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.” – Carrie Bradshaw …but with paper…

Origami Paper

Behind the scenes…

You own five watches (purchased in that period when you were a stable adult with a normal corporate job). Three of the watches now need new batteries. The other two are broken.

Your workplace hazards include paper cuts, hot glue gun burns and repetitive strain injuries from folding paper.

People think your workspace looks like this. It actually looks like this…


Behind the scenes…

Hours of your life have been lost to Pinterest. And trying to find the end of the sticky tape roll.

Watching website stats is more entertaining than television.

The contents of your fridge looks like this most of the time:


Behind the scenes…

Spotlight mail is to you what chocolate is to…well…you.

Facebook. WordPress. Outlook. Pinterest. Twitter. Instagram. Linkedin. Repeat.

You do this kind of thing for fun.

Cardboard Castle

Behind the scenes…

A trip to Reverse Garbage is considered a shopping spree and a social outing.

There’s no such thing as casual Friday. The neighbours are lucky if you put on pants to take out the trash.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but people buying your products does.

Framed Feather Heart

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