A Poem For Pop

On the day I was born, right from the start,

A bond was forged, between our hearts.

I, the first grandchild, and you…my Pop,

An unbreakable love, nobody could stop.

My earliest memories, are of you in your shed,

And naps together, on top of your bed.

You pushing my stroller, and beaming with pride,

Watching me play, your smile so wide.

The Pop I remember, from my childhood days,

Has a tool in his hand, and is working away.

He is swimming in a snorkel, and doing his laps,

Or arriving at the door, with a rat-a-tat-tat.

As I got older, our bond grew too,

And at times we noticed, I was just like you.

Determined and stubborn, wanting our own way,

But with me, your will, always buckled and swayed.

‘I’ll bump your heads together’, we often heard,

But action never followed, the threat inferred.

No Pop, you never did have us fooled,

Us grandkids knew, it was we who ruled.

When I moved abroad, you sent me off with a wave,

‘Watch out for those Pommies’, the advice you gave.

You always encouraged me, to chase my dreams,

And hid your sadness, when I decided to leave.

We started writing then, letters sent and received,

‘Dear Granddaughter’, ‘Love Pop’, and all the words in between.

I treasured those letters, of our connection they spoke,

Even though you complained, the postage was sending you broke!

The Pop I’ll remember, is always walking at pace,

And whistling a tune, a cheeky grin on his face.

A story teller of sorts, sharing tales from the past,

Or a swimming technique, ‘This will make you go fast!’

Walking with hat on your head, to the railway and back,

Energy and enthusiasm, you never did lack.

Collecting found objects, from the side of the road,

By the end of your walks, gathering quite a load.

Pop on Tabletop Mountain

When at 80 you asked, that we climb Tabletop,

I looked at you in wonder, would you ever stop?

But you made the journey, proud as could be,

Even if the adventure, ended in Emergency.

Pop on Tabletop Mountain

In later years, I didn’t see you so much,

Though as I wandered the globe, we stayed in touch.

And when I returned, you always took the time,

To have a cuppa, with your oldest grandchild.

You once said to me, ‘Don’t settle for less,

Than a man who will treat you, just like a princess.’

But I think you forgot, it was clear to me,

You were that man, I’d found him already.

I’m sure Pop, you’d say, ‘Stop making a fuss’,

If you were here today, watching all of us.

But we’ll think of you often, and share memories of you,

Shed tears of sadness, and laughter too.

May 12th is the day, that you left this earth,

32 years, after I met you at birth.

And while I’ll never see, your smile again,

Our bond and my love for you, will always remain.

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