The Attack of the Cones

Road cones, pylons, traffic cones, witches hats…whatever you call them, they fascinate me. From back in my university days when I aspired to have one of my very own (mission accomplished on a late night raid of a nearby roadworks site) to my present life here in Japan, where road cones are plentiful and varied.

I mean what’s not to love about road cones, apart from their obvious purpose for existing? They’re stackable, aesthetically pleasing (no, just me?), fun to have around and as the crew from Toy Story 2 proved…everyone respects them and their authority.

Japan has fueled this fetish (let’s just call a cone a cone) and Instagram (that’s a whole other problem) has enabled me further with the forum to express the appreciation I have for these inanimate objects. They may just be hollow pieces of plastic lifelessness to you, but to me, they have character…

Zebra crossing

There was conecrete evidence of his break and enter attempt



‘He’s been doing lines again’

The tip off lead to his incarceration.


Conecrete jungle

Why did the cone cross the road? To make a conection.


Living on the edge

Red carpet treatment

The Cone Ranger

Walk the line

Houdini and friend


Twin peeps

‘I’m tired’

Sting operation

Pole dancing conevention

Conelogical numbering


Leave her bee.


Coney Island

One for cone and cone for all.

‘I’ve fallen for you’

  Green threes




Conecaine addiction

You coneplete me…

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