A Picture is Worth a Thousand Kanji

I love words, I always have (unsurprising to those that know me, I’m sure). I believe communication to be the fundamental basis of every human interaction and necessary every day life. I speak openly and frequently to anyone who will listen to my ramblings (that includes you, clearly) and I derive more pleasure from a good catch up session with a friend, than almost anything else in this world.

But entering into my third year in Japan, I can’t help but notice how often words fail me in day to day life here…and not just the Japanese ones. So many times, I am unable to conjure words in response to a situation. At these times (usually Only in Japan moments), the only word I can seem to articulate is ‘wow’…as my students well know.  Sometimes Japan leaves me speechless (difficult to imagine, I know) and a moment just cannot be captured with words. At these times, a picture is worth a thousand kanji

7 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Kanji

  1. Hilarious! I live Korea and see lots of similar bewildering stuff. My personal favorite here is “Who’s Not Virgin?” Kind of a bold and irrelevant question, one might say!

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