Boys Will Be Boys…

This post comes with a disclaimer: I want it to be known I have 3 other blog entries in the making…all pieces of sophisticated commentary on life in Japan. But all those words seem completely irrelevant, or worse…boring, compared to the material the kids at school give me to write about. Let’s face it…I can’t script the kind of humour they produce for me on a daily basis…

I’ve been back at school precisely six days since my summer break and the kids’ English has been on fire since their return. The contributing factors for this behaviour are; A. They missed me (truly) and are desperate to speak to me any chance they get, B. Many of my 3rd year students went to Australia over summer and want to tell me about their experience and last (but not least), C. The kids (boys) scored a barrage of new (and inappropriate) vocab from the kids (boys) in Australia and want to test it out on me.

School this week has been dedicated to practice for the sports carnival being held tomorrow. As such I have had the chance to chat to the kids quite a bit outside of the classroom… a double edged sword situation. On the one hand, they can speak English in a low pressure, fun environment…on the other, they can get away with saying a whole lot more to me without a Japanese teacher nearby to keep them in line.

Today I got to experience both sides of the coin and as such I have concluded that it is a global phenomenon that ‘boys will be boys’. The following is a cross section of the comments and questions I received from my 3rd year students out on the sports field this afternoon. Boys’ comments in red, girls’ comments in white…

‘Miss Carla, white skin. Very beautiful.’

‘Do you play sex?’ (actions included)*

‘You face, very beautiful.’

‘You know blow job?’ (actions included)*

‘Miss Carla, long leg. Good style.’

‘Have you play sex? Have you play blow job?’ (actions included)*

‘Do you have boyfriend?’

‘You like blow job? Is delicious?’ (actions included)*

‘Miss Carla very cute!’

‘What breast cup size? What panties colour?’*

‘Miss Carla, blue eye. Very beautiful.’

‘Do you know masturbate? Have you masturbate?’ (actions included)*

‘You know Miyazaki? He my boyfriend. What think?’

‘Penis in vagina yet? When first time sex?’*

‘You like Japanese boy?’

Yuji: ‘Miss Carla, small milky breasts’
Me: ‘Yes Yuji, so you keep telling me’
Hayate: ‘Small breast, but beautiful face’

(Hayate gives me hope for all mankind.)

*all these questions were answered with ‘No Comment’ to which the boys then derived their own answers on my behalf.

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