Creative Writing

By now you should all be familiar with the wit and charm that my kids lay on me in every day conversation at school. Be it in the classroom, during lunch, or in the hallways, armed with their fearless desire to speak to me, the kids will accost me with their unique brand of English whenever they get the chance.

Of course, not all the kids at school are able (or willing) to speak English with me. Whether it stems from shyness, stage fright or the fact that I am just so scary, there are a number of students who have barely spoken 2 words of English to me since I started at Omiya Junior High almost a year ago.

Having said this, some kids have found a way around this obstacle and surprised me with their creative writing skills throughout the year. ‘Carla Post’ has been a great exchange I established soon after arriving at the school and the kids use letters, class worksheets and now email as platforms to communicate with me through written English. I have found these systems to be confidence building for the kids and hugely rewarding and entertaining for me! Here is just a small cross section of the literary genius that has been bestowed upon me over the last year (NB – for authenticity sake I have left all spelling mistakes and grammar errors!):

Ms Omori and Ms Carla are the most wonderful of all women.
– Mr Ogane, 2-5

Hello Miss Cara
I’m sorry if I wrong
I am three years Mashiko Naoki
Occasionally send e-mail
At that time, please reply
I’ll graduate soon
Carla and I think it’s a meet in more mistakes, so sad
And create many happy memories until graduation
Well then good night Miss Cara
Thank you
– Mr Mashiko, 3-2

There is a pen in the pen case.
There are pens in the pen case.

Is there a pen in the pen case?
Are there pens in the pen case?
Where is my pen?
– Mr Ogane, 2-5

Please help yourself.
Thank you.
Would you like some more peanuts?
Yes please. It’s delicious.
What would you like some more peanut juice?
Yes, please.
Would you like another piece of peanut cake?
I’m sorry, I can’t eat peanuts.
Oh my God.
– Mr Uruno & Mr Hayakawa, 3-3

Let’s go to the toilet.
– Mr Kasai, 1-2

My name is Wada Chiname. I’m 13 years old. I have 5 familys. My brother is an impertinent :’-(
– Miss Wada, 2-4

My soul, your beats.
– 3-2 class for graduation

Please help yourself.
No thank you. I don’t like your face.
– Mr Sekine & Mr Ijima, 3-2

100 hamburgers and 2 colas please.
– Mr Arai, 1-3

More money.
Money, cars, danger.
Give me money.
– Mr Nogami, 3-4

I like chocolates.
I play tennis.
I like KITTY.
Do you like chocolates?
Do you play tennis?
Do you like KITTY?
– Miss Sato, 1-1

Herro Ms.Carla!!
Iam Kazuki ichikawa.
Iam glad to hear your e-mail address.
Oh…I can not speak English well.
So. I speak Japanese.
– Mr Ichikawa, 2-2

I like him because he gives me money.
– Mr Yamazaki, 2-1

I have two dog.
Do you like dog?
I like like dog.
– Miss Jigen, 1-5

Let’s, let’s, let’s.
– Mr Okushi, 1-5

Please help yourself.
You die.
Would you like some more?
I kill.
Would you like some meet stick?
I don’t like your meet stick.
Of course. Would you like another your meet balls?
No, I’m full.
– Mr Wada & Mr Fujita, 3-4

I want to be an astronaut, but I’m not bright.
– Mr Sato, 2-4

Can I ask you a favour?
I’m very tired.
Can you give me a massage?
– Miss Wada & Miss Kato, 2-1

I want to be a salary man. I want to have many holiday.
– Mr Ogane, 2-5

Hello! M’s Carla.
I’m Misaki Akiyama.
I’ll never forget stadied English with you.
It was fun for me to M’s carla’s class.
Thank you for a long time.
I hope you nice life form now on.
See you again.
This e-mail is maybe more mistake.
We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the mistake.
– Miss Akiyama, 3-3

I think casual kindness is important.
– Miss Sakata, 2-1

Let’s get married.
– Mr Uruno, 1-4

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