‘Sex Education’ Part 2

Well the kids have been at it again. When I say kids, I actually mean the boys…whose hormones are apparently running wild 24/7 these days. Just when I thought they couldn’t throw any more surprises my way, they have delved into the depths of their creativity and come up with more priceless gems. Enough to warrant yet another entry dedicated to ‘Sex Education’…

Lunch with the 3-2 class:
Mr Arai pointing to Mr Kaneta (tallest kid in school): ‘He Mr Makkuro’
Miss Carla: ‘What is Makkuro?’
Mr Arai: ‘Very black. He very black’
Miss Carla (confused look on her face): ‘What?!’
Mr Arai, now pointing at Mr Kaneta’s crotch: ‘He Mr Black. Very big!’

Cleaning time in the teachers room with the 3-2 boys:
Mr Toita (staring at the picture of the students on the wall)
Miss Carla: ‘Mr Toita, do you have a new girlfriend? Who is she?!’
Mr Toita (grinning cheekily): ‘Yes, Miss Carla my girlfriend’

Lunch with the 3-2 class (again…repeat offenders):
Mr Ishi & Mr Haginoya (pointing at their crotches): ‘Do you like sausages?!’

During an English lesson with 2-3, learning ‘what do you think?’:
Mr Kataoka (to Miss Carla in front of the class): ‘I love you. What do you think?!’
Miss Carla (giggling): ‘I think you are crazy!’

Post English lesson with 3-2 Class:
Mr Ishi, Mr Haginoya & Mr Mashiko: ‘Do you like Masuda Sensei?’
Miss Carla: ‘Masuda Sensei is a very good teacher’
Mr Ishi: ‘No, no, no…do you like Masuda Sensei’
Miss Carla (taking the bait): ‘Yes, Masuda Sensei is very kind’
Mr Haginoya (using gestures): ‘Do you like his body, or his face?!’*

*Masuda Sensei is roughly 5′ 5″ and is as wide as he is tall…

During an English lesson with 2-3, learning ‘If”:
Miss Carla: ‘It it’s sunny tomorrow, what will you do?’
Mr Kataoke: ‘I will go date in park with Miss Carla’

Every time I pass the group of 3rd yr soccer boys in the hallways at school:
Boys: ‘Oppai’**
Miss Carla (shakes her head)

**oppai = boobs

Lunch with 3-4 class:
Miss Carla (watching Jun and Miss Nakazaki teasing one another): ‘Jun, is Miss Nakazaki your girlfriend?!’
Jun: ‘No, no, no! She crazy!’
Miss Carla: ‘Do you have a girlfriend Jun?’
Jun: ‘No, no, no. Miss Carla, will you be my girlfriend?!’

During 3-2 class:
Miss Carla (pointing to Mr Arai’s character eraser): ‘Who is this?’
Mr Arai: ‘Keshikasu-kun’
Miss Carla: ‘He is cute’
Mr Arai (grinning and pointing to Keshikasu-kun’s case): ‘Pull down, pull down!’
Miss Carla (pulling down Keshikasu-kun’s case to reveal an artfully drawn on appendage, shakes her head): ‘Not so cute’

Watching a group of 3rd year boys playing basketball one lunch:
Mr Mimura: ‘Miss Carla, do you know how play sex?’
Mr Mashiko: ‘Miss Carla, do you play sex?’
Miss Carla: ‘Mr Mashiko, do you play sex?’
Mr Mashiko: ‘No, no, no, do you know Cherry Boy?’
Miss Carla, giggling: ‘Yes, I am pretty sure I know what Cherry Boy means. Are you a Cherry Boy Mr Mashiko?’
Mr Mashiko: ‘Yes, I Cherry Boy. You Cherry Girl?!’
Miss Carla (shaking her head): ‘I am not answering that!’
All the boys: ‘Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, Miss Carla not Cherry Girl!!!’
Mr Mashiko: ‘How many you play sex?!’

During lunch break:

Mr Mashiko: ‘Miss Carla, do you know ‘Give blow’?’
Mr Kobayashi: giggles
Miss Carla: ‘What? Oh…you mean ‘blow job’?!’
Mr Mashiko: ‘Yes, yes, yes. New English word!’
Mr Mashiko and Mr Kobayashi: run away

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