‘My Lunch Had Eyes’

It would seem it was a week of firsts for food and Origami Carla this week. The lunch ladies were relentless and didn’t wait for my natto experience to become a distant memory before dishing up a new delight for me…

Lulled into a false sense of security at having met and completed my ‘Natto Challenge’, I sat down to lunch today full of confidence that we would once again be returning to our usual food program. Ha!

I grabbed up my chopsticks and looked down at my tray…only to find my salad looking back at me!!! My lunch had eyes…many, many eyes. There in my salad were perfectly formed little fish, looking at me, their sad little black eyes begging me not to eat them. According to Genki Sushi these little guys are called shirasu (whitebait) and they had made the ultimate sacrifice to be my next meal.

I dipped into the stockpile of ‘toughenup’ I had used the day previous in my ‘Natto Challenge’ and with a shaky hand I braced myself and my taste buds for what was coming. I dug into the sea (pardon the pun) of small white critters and downed a mouthful. I was just as surprised as the other teachers to discover I actually quite liked the taste! I could give an honest ‘oishii’ (delicious) answer when asked my thoughts on the salad by the other teachers…which was well received.

Living in Japan has definitely given credence to the term ‘mind over matter’ for me as I explore all sorts of crazy new food. However while I did like the taste of my ‘eyeball salad’ I would prefer (to quote my lovely vegetarian friend Ella) for my food ‘not to have a face’.

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