Carla Sensei Has Good Legs

At the end of week 8 in Japan, life is falling into a pattern. School days are regular and there are 5 of them each week from now until mid-July. After a chaotic first few months here, this scenario pleases me greatly.

Having said all that, life here of course is never boring and I find myself encountering the bizarre and humorous every day. This week has been no exception…

I have now become immune to the boys at school declaring their love for me and calling me ‘beautiful’ any chance they get. Perhaps this is to my own detriment as they are forced to think up new and creative ways to get my attention and surprise. I should have known that the little buggers would go to great lengths to illicit a response from me, long after I thought the novelty had worn off.

Today I was asked out on a date…to the movies…by a 13 year old boy. Trying to stifle my giggles, I was mildly impressed at Mr Oga’s audacity to ask me in the middle of class, with Omori Sensei within earshot. Thankfully his buddies showered him enough heroic praise to divert his attention from actually requiring a response from me. I quickly made my escape from the classroom as the bell went, hoping he wouldn’t seek another opportunity to ask me.

Grateful to have dodged that potentially awkward moment in my last class of the day, I jumped on my bicycle and high tailed it out of there. But of course I wasn’t getting away that easily! As I peddled past a group of boys near the front gate I clearly heard one say to his friend, ‘Carla Sensei no ashi ga ii desu’. Translation? Miss Carla has nice/good legs. I am looking into exchanging all the skirts in my wardrobe for pants…

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